God's Grace Academy

God’s Grace Academy homeschool seeks to promote strong family relationships through distinctive Christian biblical principles.

God's Grace Academy – Who We Are

If you can’t learn the way we teach – we will teach the way you learn.

The God’s Grace Academy homeschool seeks to promote strong family relationships through distinctive Christian biblical principles and develop life-long learners by applying diligence and perseverance to overcome struggles, both academically and spiritually.


Our ultimate goal is to discover and carry out God’s unique plan for each of our lives. Scripture With God, all things are possible… Matthew 19:26 Our Purpose is to provide a safe environment based on Christian principles that will encourage and build up each individual spiritually to know that “All things are possible with God”… Matthew 19:26. We provide a more one-on-one teaching opportunity that is beneficial to all students to achieve greatness intellectually, morally, but most importantly –Spiritually! Our program offers parents the ability to maintain their everyday jobs and also provide the full advantage of a homeschooled education program.


Everything starts at home.

Why homeschool can be a better choice than traditional learning?

Homeschool allows your child's education needs to be met right where they are – in a safe environment.

God's Grace Academy – Our School

Providing an educational experience that builds character and spirit.

  • Determine a curriculum that is educational as well as fun.

  • Create Strong bonds Promote strong Christian and ethical character.

  • Provide one-on-one instruction that can only be offered in a smaller classroom setting.

  • Assist adolescents / young adults to overcome trying times/struggles.

  • Provide a safe environment from drugs, violence, and other negative settings often encountered in public schools

  • Provide extra time to spend on difficult concepts until the student is able to master and move ahead

  • Accommodating hours that allow parents to take full advantage of a homeschooled education for their child while still being at work Provide year-round class instruction


Make the world your classroom

Take advantage of homeschooling and register your child for the upcoming 2018-2019 semester.

Have questions? Get in touch.

God's Grace Academy Cirriculum is sourced through Abeka. Accredited throughout Texas.

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New Believers Word of Faith Church

New Believers Word of Faith Church is the church home to God's Grace Academy. We encourage you and your family to visit and witness first hand how God is making strides in the lives of our youth.

God's Grace Academy — Contact Us

Kia Scales — Director, Founder

12217 Kirkgard Houston, TX 77045

(281) 730-7920 godsgraceacademy18@yahoo.com

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