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Our world is becoming more and more connected. At this rapid pace, wireless systems and infrastructures are being strained, and are poised to reach their limits. Hence, we saw a dire need for a different kind of technology: Metamaterials—engineered structures capable of manipulating electromagnetic waves and outperforming traditional circuits. And, with the advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI), we can now embed human-like intelligence in our solution, which makes it even more exciting. That’s why we founded Metawave.


Introducing Metawave’s beamforming/beamshaping technology platform—a smart antenna with an unprecedented capability of manipulating radio frequency (RF) waves. Under the hood, Metawave’s hardware architecture is the first of its kind, and is backed by a strong IP portfolio exclusively licensed from Xerox PARC (one of the most influential technology companies of the past 50 years).


The hardware platform is powered by Metawave’s core AI engine.

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Introducing Metawave’s beamforming/beamshaping technology

A new kind of radar “digital eye” for autonomous driving

Autonomous driving is becoming a reality—but the timelines for self-driving cars to exist depend on the maturity of the decision-making algorithms and performance of sensors. Thus, the race for the best performing camera, lidar, and radar sensors is on. Today’s automotive radars are primitive in terms of reconstructing the world around them, as compared to cameras or lidar. Hence, we set out to build a superior radar “digital eye”, possessing true 3D vision and capable of human-like interpretation of the world.

Metawave’s WARLORD™ radar steers a highly-directive RF beam that can accurately determine the location and speed of all road objects - in all-weather conditions and in cluttered environments. In addition, Metawave’s built-in synthetic aperture radar (SAR) capability, augmented by its core AI engine, is designed to discriminate objects and map out the surroundings in 3D.


Metawave’s AI engine functionalities for automotive extends far beyond line-of-sight object recognition—some of its capabilities include “seeing” around corners; predictive analytics of traffic patterns; platooning; identification of dangerous driving conditions; and preventing road accidents before they can happen, among many other features.


†WARLORD: W-Band Advanced Radar for Long-Range Object Recognition and Detection

Today, the demand for more bandwidth and instant connectivity are choking networks. The goal for 5G is to provide 1000x the speed of 4G. However, the current infrastructure does not support this goal, since flooding a large area using current MIMO architecture with signals results in a loss of energy (and connectivity), and leads to signal interference with others. Metawave’s smart beamforming solution directs energy toward a specific user’s device to provide the bandwidth needed to support the desired online experience.

Metawave’s SABER™‡ antenna integrated to network providers’ bay stations shape each user’s signal into a very narrow cone, and directs it towards each user’s wireless device. Metawave’s AI engine can easily integrate with 5G provider’s wireless and network algorithms.


‡SABER: Smart Antenna for Beamforming Electromagnetic Radiation

A smart beamforming antenna for a more resilient 5G network

To make an impact on a global scale

We envision a safer, smarter, and more connected world for everyone on the planet. The world in our mind’s eye requires disruption of the status quo of wireless technologies, which very few people can accomplish. Because of our unique knowledge and experience in esoteric fields, we can reinvent this wireless future and make an impact on a global scale. We are passionate about building technology that can be adopted at a massive scale, and committed to building a successful technology company to make the world a better place.


Technologists, rocket scientists, engineers, and people with raw talent and strong intellectual horsepower


We are a diverse team of world-class talent with a deep passion for technology and solving hard problems. We seek excellence and deeply care about building skillfully-crafted and high-quality products that will be used by billions of people around the globe.


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